3 Fastest Ways to Guarantee Cold Call Failure!

Top 3 ways to guarantee Cold Call Failure!

Ok, I’m not saying that this is a comprehensive list, not by any means, but it is 3 of the things that we as businesspeople can do to virtually guarantee that our cold call campaign will be BOTH miserable to execute (Feel the rejection!) and fail to capture new clients (WooHoo, no new business! Yay, wasted time!).

  1. missedtargetBy all means. Whenever you get the chance. Ideally from the beginning, and every chance you can after that, cram it in and let the prospect know who you are. How your fulfillment team is unique. All of the awards your company has won. All of it. I mean, they don’t know you, how else are they going to know how your organization is unique? Tell me if this sounds familiar, “Hello Mr. Prospect, my name is John Doe and I’m from 123 Technical Writing LLC. We’re a Professional Services firm based in Anytown USA and we specialize in writing the very best user manuals available in this market. Do you have any needs right now?”




  1. Push for the meeting on the introductory call. Take no prisoners! Don’t let her off the phone without getting a commitment for a face to face meeting. Ya, forget qualifying!  PUSH for that meeting in the first call, the very first time you’ve spoken with this person! Sure, you haven’t shown any value yet, have no idea what this person’s needs are, or whether or not they would be a good prospect for you, but don’t let THAT stand in the way!  TAKE NO PRISONERS!!!


  1. Still with me, Great! If the first 2 tips haven’t tanked your campaign this 3rd one will do it for you. SCREAMINGDon’t do ANY pre-call planning. Who has time for that? Just pound out call after call so you can have the highest call volume in the office (because that’s the most important thing right?). Prospects LOVE it when you call, know nothing about them, tell them all about yourself, push them for a meeting and an order, and then ask them a bunch of questions that you could easily learn with 2-3 minutes of research on their company website and LinkedIn.


Bonus! ~ Bonus! ~ Bonus!

You still have some life left in your campaign? Let’s take care of that now! Here’s the big secret. This is KEY: Don’t do any 2 calls the same way. By all means do NOT follow a script. You don’t want to sound like a robot, do you? Make every call UNIQUE. That will keep it interesting, won’t it?

There you have it! You follow those 3 tips (and the BONUS!) and I can promise you that you will have the most futile, miserable call campaign that you can imagine!

Okay, I admit it. I may have been (Slightly!) sarcastic when I wrote this blog post. These are pretty extreme, even silly, examples but who hasn’t seen this? The post, while written tongue in cheek, is true. If you lead your call with your agenda, push the prospect for a meeting or a project too soon, waste your contact’s time asking questions you should already know the answers to, and (BONUS!) make every call different by “winging” it instead of following a plan you will fail. There is no maybe here. It is as close to a guarantee as I can give you in this business.

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