The MOST Important Sale!

Think back over your career and ask yourself what the most important sale you’ve ever made was.

The one that made you say, “Ya, this is what I want to do.”

The one that MADE your career.

You know the one.

Was it your first big client?   No.

Was it the first time that you took someone from (what felt like!) a hard, ” NO!” to a yes?  No, it wasn’t that either.

Was it your first sale?  Kinda…


Kinda?  Yes.

You see, that is the answer.  The MOST important sale.  By far, is your FIRST sale.  Not your first customer.



Think about that for a moment.

Something that we often forget as business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales people is that at it’s most basic, when you strip everything away, sales is the transference of emotion.  We transfer the confidence in our position, our conviction, to our prospect and transform then into a customer.

Don’t believe me?

Fine, be that way.  😉

Try this:  Go into your next sales call or meeting visibly nervous.  Stutter when you speak.  Radiate doubt.  Tremble visibly.  Then, when it’s over and you’ve limply shaken your prospect’s  hand with your sweaty hand, give me a call and let me know what the outcome was.

Did they buy?

Did you influence them to change their position or move forward?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say, “no.  No, you didn’t.”

The reason for this is simple, and we touched on the “why” here previously: The 2 Components of ANY Successful Sales Conversation

You see, it doesn’t matter how powerful your MESSAGE is if your DELIVERY is poor.

Poor delivery ends conversations, often before they even get started.  And, at the heart of every strong delivery is CONVICTION.

If you don’t believe in your product or service then you can’t transfer that belief to your prospect.  If you don’t believe in yourself it is even worse.  You can’t influence them.  They sense your doubt.  That sounds very Jedi, but it’s really very simple and non-mystical.

You wear your disbelief in every subtle twitch of your body language.

THAT is why our first sale, ourselves, is the most important sale.  Without it you cut the likelihood of your success down to “winning the lottery” level odds.

So, how do we do that?  It’s surprisingly easy:

  1. Catalog your strengths.  Know what you are good at.  Knowing this builds confidence.  It lets you know what to lead with.
  2. Reflect on your weaknesses and make a systematic plan to work on them.  Pick the one that you think will give you the best results first and start with that.
    • PROTIP:  Trying to make too many changes too quickly is both unproductive and demoralizing.  Pick ONE, focus on it, and stay with it until you’ve improved that to a level that you are satisfied with and THEN move to another!
  3. Become a student of the game.  Read. Listen to Podcasts that further your skills (ahem, you HAVE checked out my Podcast, haven’t you?).  Subscribe to YouTube channels that will teach and motivate you.  Hire a business coach.  Join an Industry Round Table or a Master-Mind group.  In short, spend time improving.  The confidence it brings you to not only move forward but know that you have a plan to continue to move forward will shine through in your delivery.
  4. Ask yourself, “What about my company and product/service is BETTER than my competitors?  Where do we excel?”  Focus on that.  Internalize that and, when appropriate in your sales conversation, SPEAK to that.

You’ll notice that your company and actual product or service are last.  You’ll notice that there are three internal things to work on before even looking at an external thing.

Why do you think that is?

I’m not going to answer that for you, but please feel free to open a discussion in the comments section below.  I want YOU to think through that answer!

Now that we’ve identified the importance of this, and hopefully agree, that you are your most important sale I (as always!) have a challenge for you:

This Week’s Challenge

Step One:

  • Write down the three strengths that you feel are most important to your success
  • Write down the one weakness that you feel is holding you back the most
  • Identify one blog, one podcast, or one YouTube channel that you will commit to following for ongoing growth
  • Find one external support  mechanism to assist you (Master-Mind group, user group, etc.)

Step Two:

Using the prior four items:

  • Loot at your strengths and identify how you can maximize their use and lead with them where applicable
  • Create a detailed plan with specific outcomes to work on the one weakness you identified (do NOT move off of it until you have achieved the outcome you detail in your plan!)

What are your thoughts on this?

Does this topic resonate with you?

Please share your opinions, as well as strategies you’ve implemented in selling yourself on your ability to succeed, in the comments section below!

As always,

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to follow the blog (below) for instant updates of new posts and join the mailing list for information I don’t share here or on the Podcast.

Thanks again!


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