Tech Staffing 3.0 ~ Evolve Or End! -Part2

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Let’s pick up right where we left off.

For those of you who missed the beginning of our conversation about the Technical Staffing Industry’s shift to what I’m calling Tech Staffing 3.0 catch up here: Part 1

We also spoke at length about Tech Staffing 3.0 on this week’s Podcast:  HERE

For the rest of us…

Ok, now that all of us are caught up, the essence of Tech Staffing 3.0 is:

  1. How we position ourselves with prospects & clients
  2. Where we meet them on the Buyer’s Journey

In previous iterations we relied on cold calling as our primary introduction.  Whether we used the unevolved Tech Staffing 1.0 call (Company focused Cold Call) or the powerful Tech Staffing 2.0 method (Value Proposition Prospecting Call), the first time our prospect generally heard of us was through an unsolicited cold call.

With Tech Staffing 3.0 we’re going to change that.   We want to be present in their mind prior to asking them to engage with us to do business.

How do we do this?  ~Great question!

Before I get into some examples let’s take a second for a quick definition.  Tech Staffing 3.0 is a STRATEGY.  In other words it is a driver.  The means we utilize to carry out that strategy are our TACTICS.  The Strategy will stay the same until the industry iterates again.  The techniques will change often and will not apply universally to every organization.  The techniques will vary based on:

  • Market
  • Goals
  • Company size
  • Budget
  • Skills/abilities of the sales staff

So, our strategy is to become involved with the prospect before they are in a buying position by offering information that is of value to them that highlights our unique capabilities (This is similar but not the SAME as the strategy employed in Tech Staffing 1.0!).

Some examples are:

  • Knowledge of the marketplace (rates, availability, trends, etc.)
  • How to access top talent
  • How to position projects and positions so they will attract top talent
  • What “hot-buttons” top talent share
  • Best Practices for hiring and retaining top talent

How we get this information in front of them is key.  I often talk about the importance of message AND delivery (HERE!) and this is no different.

There are many, many powerful ways to get this in front of your audience:

  • Speak to these topics at conferences and events that your prospects frequent.
    • PROTIP: Create ebooks or field reports that cover this material that they can download from your website in exchange for filling out a brief web-form that captures relevant data!
  • Create a blog on your website that discusses topics relevant to your prospects.
    • PROTIP:  Once you have a decent amount of content on your Blog invite clients to guest-post.  Many will be flattered and often THEIR followers will come to see what they wrote.  If your content is good some will stay!
  • Offer to guest-post on their blogs and write about topics that are important to them that allow you to share your expertise with THEIR audience directly.
  • Start a Podcast that covers the topics I outlined above and occasionally interview one of your clients.  They will be flattered and you will gain access to their audience!
  • Start a video channel and execute on it exactly as you do the Podcast above.
  • Join or start user groups that will benefit your audience.
  • Become active in user groups that your prospects frequent.

These techniques are the BASICS.  There are scores more that I could talk about.  The key here, 100% of the key here, is knowing your market or getting to know your market intimately enough to be able to deliver your message in a way that will cause your prospects to become receptive.  I strongly encourage you to join this community (The forms are all over my website!) and get a free copy of my book, The Successful Business Blueprint, where I explain this process in detail.

This is YOUR audience!

                                                       This is YOUR audience!



Does this seem intimidating?




Maybe it is (a little!), but it really is GOOD news.



Because MOST of your competitors won’t do it.

I am shocked by how many times I hear Tech Staffing 1.0 strategies and techniques in the marketplace.  These techniques have not been effective in over a decade and yet it is not at all unusual for me to hear new clients using these techniques and lamenting at their lack of results.

No one likes change.

No one enjoys being treated like a commodity.

The great news is that if you embrace the former you won’t BE the latter!

These are the basics of Tech Staffing 3.0.  I’m going to be talking about this for some time both here and on the Podcast so check back often.

Some of the topics we’ll be covering are:

  • The role of the founder and senior executives in a Tech Staffing 3.0 firm
  • How to become a thought-leader and gain the respect of your prospects and clients
  • How the skills and tools you developed in Tech Staffing 1.0 & Tech Staffing 2.0 can still be valuable (and when they should be used!)
  • “Seeding and Layering” in the Tech Staffing 3.0 Sales Cycle
  • Maximizing profit in this new landscape
  • When you SHOULD and when you SHOULDN’T work with staffing programs (VMS, MSP, Etc.)

As always, thank you for stopping by.  If you found value in this post please share it with your friends and colleagues so they can join us in the Tech Staffing 3.0 revolution!


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