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Episode 133 Why Staffing Firms Fail To Get Referrals Show Notes: Recap of last week:  How Protecting & Growing The “3 Brands” Impacts Your Technology Staffing Career Why Are Referrals & Introductions So Important? Why don’t staffing firms get referrals consistently? They don’t ask They don’t develop strong enough relationships They don’t ask at the […]
Episode 120 4 Tools To Augment Cold Calling In Staffing Sales Show Notes: Recap of last week:  How To Build A Growth Culture In Your Staffing/Consulting Firm Is “Cold Calling/Outreach” Dead? 4 Tools To Augment Cold Calling In New Business Development: Marketing Campaign Professional Network Content Marketing Curate Create Training/Networking Events Professional Associations & Conferences […]
Episode 117 Mistakes That KILL Your Sales Differentiation Show Notes: Recap of last week:  How To Guarantee You Continue To Grow In Your Staffing Sales Career Why is differentiation SO important? Differentiation Mistakes? Are you REALLY different? You haven’t identified a marketable differentiator Your language damages the credibility of your differentiator Your difference isn’t front […]
Episode 110 6 Steps To Improved Staffing Sales Outcomes Show Notes: Recap of last week:  3 Fast Fixes To Get Your Staffing Firm Back On Track Steps To Improved Staffing Sales Success: Identify Your Ideal Prospect/Client Target Your Message To That Prospect/Client Establish & Execute A Marketing Campaign Actively Manage The Sales Activity Of Your […]
Episode 105 5 Steps To Maximizing Your Technology Staffing Sales Success! Show Notes: Recap of last week:  The 3 Elements Of Lightning Fast Rapport Why is success difficult in this industry? What are the 5 steps to maximize you chance at success? Believe in what you do! Understand your market! Have a systematic plan to […]
Episode 102 The Elements Of A Successful Business Relationship Show Notes: Recap of last week:  5 Ways Recruiters Can Help The Sales Team What Is A “Successful” Business Relationship? Elements: 1. Trust Be aware of preconceptions Relationship over transaction When in doubt, give 2. Success Both parties win If success doesn’t come the relationship will […]
Episode 100 How To Achieve Success In The Technical Staffing Industry Show Notes: Recap of last week:  What’s Changing In Technology Staffing And What’s Staying The Same? Know Who Your Customer Is (And Isn’t!): What types of roles do you do well with? What types of companies have you had success with? What geographic areas […]
Episode 91 4 Staffing Sales Strategies To Crush 2018! Show Notes: Recap of last week: Hard Truths For The Staffing Industry In 2018 1-  Target Your Audience And Ignore The Distractions! 2-  Build Your Referral Engines And Focus On Your Network! 3-  Work Your Market Campaign, Lead Nurturing Campaign, and Relationship Management! 4- Stay Plugged […]
Thank you for giving this a look! I’m proud to offer, in conjunction with TechServe Alliance, this free Technology Staffing Sales Training Webinar: Targeting Your Presentation To Your Audience Don’t forget, the 2018 KickStart Workshop starts in a few short weeks so if you haven’t already check it out and reserve your space:  2018 Kick-Start […]
Episode 89 2018 Sales KickStart, Are You Ready? Show Notes: Recap of last week: The 3 Biggest Hurdles In New Business Development 2018 Start Off Strong! 1-  Look back to prepare for the new year Where did you do well? Where did you struggle? What commonalities are there? Does this impact your story, your position? […]