Technology Staffing Sales: Core Principles Digital Workshop!

Technology Staffing Sales:  Core Principles Digital Workshop!


If you are looking to learn, or get a refresh, on the core-skills necessary to succeed in the ultra-competitive Technology Staffing space then sign up now, we’re starting our next session in a few short weeks!

This Session is over, if you would like to be on the waiting list for the next session please send me a note here:  Contact ME!


Session 1: Wednesday January 10th, 4PM Eastern Standard Time

Introduction To Technical Staffing

  • Introduction to the services and terminology of the Technical Staffing Industry
  • Keys to success in this ultra-competitive marketplace
  • Anatomy of a profitable staffing deal
  • Structure of a typical technology department
  • Introduction to technology roles (What jobs go with what hiring managers?)

Session 2: Wednesday January 17th, 4PM Eastern Standard Time

Introductory Conversations & Marketing Campaign

  • How to conduct effective research (How much, when, and what type)
  • The Types of introductory calls that create prospect engagement (and how to make them!)
  • How and when to conduct a Client Visit
  • How to create and execute successful Marketing Campaigns
  • The critical step most staffing salespeople skip (that costs them thousands in commissions every year)

Session 3:  Wednesday January 24th, 4PM Eastern Standard Time

Objection Handling & Salescraft Fundamentals

  • The 2 Types of objection categories you will see again and again (and how to deal with them)
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of objection handling so you don’t alienate your prospects and clients
  • Introduction to Salescraft
  • The importance of story telling in modern sales
  • Beginning the process of building Referral Engines (This is a career game-changer!)

Session 4: Wednesday January 31st, 4PM Eastern Standard Time

Managing The Job Order Lifecycle

  • Taking a complete Job Order
  • Setting and managing hiring manager expectations to increase the likelihood of filling the role
  • The 3 components of an EXCELLENT Job Order
  • The “7-Commitments” of a client (and why they are critical to your success)
  • Managing the Offer to maximize your opportunity

Each one-hour session is packed with actionable information and step-by-step plans delivered via webinar so you (or your team) can maximize learning while minimizing distractions.

Program Descriptions & Investment:

Basic Program:

The basic program is composed of all four webinar training sessions and associated worksheets, scripts, and training materials.

Only $595 per person!

***Ask about group discounts***

Quick-Start Program:

The Quick-Start Program is designed to get you up and running faster!  This program includes everything in the Basic Program and adds four group coaching sessions to empower you to execute on the training concepts faster!

For your convenience, Group Coaching sessions will also be done via webinar.

Special Opportunity:  Companies purchasing 3 or more seats for the Quick-Start Program can schedule PRIVATE coaching sessions for their team at no additional cost!

Dates of Group Coaching sessions:

Group Coaching Session 1:  Wednesday February 7th, 4PM Eastern Standard Time

Group Coaching Session 2:  Wednesday February 14th, 4PM Eastern Standard Time

Group Coaching Session 3:  Wednesday February 21st, 4PM Eastern Standard Time

Group Coaching Session 4:  Wednesday February 28th, 4PM Eastern Standard Time

Only $1195 per person!

***Ask about group discounts***

All Attendees get a discount on follow on coaching!


If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for the workshop reach out on the Contact Me page and we’ll set up a time to talk.