Sales Success: The FORGOTTEN Principle

I am, and have always been, an advocate for learning.  My career, Principle Consultant/Business Growth Coach at The Menemsha Group, is largely centered on that philosophy.  I read, on average, three books a month and I subscribe to several Podcasts on sales, entrepreneurship, and writing.

I recommend that my clients, colleagues, and peers do the same.  A commitment to continued learning is critical for success in this, or any other, business landscape.


Could this dog possibly judge you more harshly?

                 Could this dog possibly judge you more harshly?

There is a point where you need to put the book down and ACT!

As much as I advocate for learning it is of NO VALUE if we don’t apply that learning.  When I formed my company, Applied Knowledge Enterprises LLC, it was THAT belief that motivated my name choice.

I hope you enjoy this Blog.  I hope you enjoy my Podcast.  But, the reason that I end them all with a Weekly Challenge is to drive you to action.

The step between learning and application is the single biggest gulf between your success and another day of the same-old, same old.  Reading without application is nothing more than education as entertainment.

Going to an awesome webinar?  GREAT!

~Now end it by writing down the things that you learned and picking the single most impactful element to apply to your business and do it IMMEDIATELY.

Protip:  If you don’t apply it immediately you will not apply it.  Period.  The excitement will fade and you will revert to your behavior PRIOR to the webinar.

Invested in career changing, high-impact training?  AWESOME!

~What are you going to do differently than what you did PRIOR to that training?

Protip:  Don’t try to race through the training!  Move at the pace that you can absorb information at.  Focus on ONE skill at a time, apply what you’ve learned, then move on to the next skill.  Do this and you will thank me later!

Just read a career changing book?  CONGRATULATIONS!

~Write down what so impressed you, share it with your team, and IMPLEMENT THE CHANGE!

Protip:  If the book made a big impact on YOU as the leader of your team then share it with your team.  Buy them the book and have them read it.  Better yet, host a monthly “lunch and learn” and talk about insights from the book.  You know the old saying, “The team that trains together STAYS together!”  (Full disclosure:  Nobody says that because I just made it up!)

I cannot stress this strongly enough.  Learning without application is simply infotainment.  There certainly are worse things you could do, but infotainment won’t change your trajectory.

Develop a philosophy of personal growth and education BUT couple that with application.

When you read my blog or listen to my podcast if the topic resonates with you then make the time to take the Weekly Challenge!  It is the challenge that will make a difference in you and your organization, not my blog (Wow, that’s not fun to type!)

All of us have the same 86,400 seconds per day.  Those who accomplish ACT on those 86,400 seconds.

Know what to say?  Say it!

Know what to do?  Do it!

Know how to proceed?  Move!

What is the FORGOTTEN principle of Success?    ACTION!

Weekly Challenge!

This is a simple one:  Go back to the LAST book, blog, podcast, or training you had that resonated with you.  Something that you felt at the time could make a real difference in your business and pick one topic, tip, or lesson that you learned and apply it.  Now.  Today.  Seriously, stop reading this and go apply it…

Sometimes it really is just THAT simple to make a significant and lasting positive change on your career, business, or life.  Take me up on this week’s challenge, make a habit of taking immediate, massive action on what you learn and you will yield the benefit that all of those countless hours you’ve spent reading all of those countless books promised you!

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Speaking of which, if you haven’t yet clicked on one of the Bajillion links on my site to join the Influence Understood Community, then take action Now!

See what I did there….  😉

Thanks for the read,



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