Sales Success: Finding Your Unique Selling Voice!

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Sales Success: Finding Your Unique Selling Voice!

Episode 21

Sales Success:  Finding Your Unique Selling Voice!

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  Why Do I Get So Many Objections?  (And What To Do About It!)


What is a Unique Selling Voice?

Why is it important?

What is the PROCESS for developing a Unique Selling Voice that will resonate with MY ideal customer?

Read this Blog Post:  The 3 Components Of A Successful Business

Listen to this Podcast Episode:  The 3 Components OF A Successful Business

Since I’m in a homework assigning kind of mood, read this Blog Post too:  The 2 Components Of ANY Successful Sales Conversation

Unique Selling Voice creation process:

  1. Identify our Ideal Customer
  2. Define our Sales/Operations Process (PROTIP:  Include our customer’s BUYING process in OUR Sales Process!)
  3. Define OUR story (The YOU in YOUR business!)
  4. Compare our story to our Ideal Customer and ask ourselves, “What in our story will give us credibility?”
  5. Test, practice, tweak, and deliver!


PROTIP: Your Unique Selling Voice Needs To Be AUTHENTIC to be effective, but that doesn’t mean it can’t and won’t EVOLVE over time!

Weekly Challenge:


Review the blog posts and podcasts in the show notes above.  Compare what you are doing now with the material covered in today’s show and the earlier posts/episodes and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How is what I’m doing now different from what I’ve learned?
  • Am I being authentic in my presentation of myself, my company, and my product/service?
  • Does the message I am sending and the delivery of that message support my Sales/Operations Process?

Take those answers and adjust accordingly.  The outcome of this exercise will develop, over time, into your Unique Selling Voice.  That voice will be targeted to be authentic to you as an individual AND resonant with your Ideal Customer.

Good Selling!

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