" alt="Episode 2 ~ The 3 Components Of A Successful Business"/>

Episode 2 ~ The 3 Components Of A Successful Business

  Episode 2 In this episode we discuss: A brief recap of Episode 1 An overview of the 3 components of a successful business Component 1 – You! Component 2 – Your audience/Customer! Component 3 – Your product/service! How the consistent application of the 3 components creates synergistic growth in all of the components Take […]

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Episode 1 ~ Introduction & Overview

Welcome to the FIRST Episode of the Influence Understood Masterclass Podcast! Today we are covering: Who this Podcast was created to serve An introduction of the host (ME!) The topics this podcast will cover (3 components of business: You, Audience, and Product/Service) Strategy vs. Tactics Why YOU are more important than your business Key take […]