EP97: Achieving Career Security In The Staffing Industry

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EP97: Achieving Career Security In The Staffing Industry

Episode 97

Achieving Career Security In The Staffing Industry

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  10 Steps To Consistent Staffing Sales Growth

Career Security, What does that look like in an agency?

3 Areas to focus on:

    1. Diversification of business (Risk Mitigation)
      1. Sales People – Avoid concentration risk
      2. Recruiters – Diversify your candidate pool
      3. Managers – Grow your team AND create an internal candidate pool (Key!)
    2. Professional Network
      1. It’s not who YOU know, it’s who your NETWORK knows
      2. Your professional network needs to include people inside the industry!
    3. Continued Growth
      1. Industry growth/recognition
      2. Skillset – If you’re not improving you’re (at best!) stagnating!
      3. Technology

Check this website out!  It’s the technology in staffing conference mentioned in the episode!

Staffing Tec:  http://www.staffingtec.com

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