EP95: Sales Management That Drives Sales Team Success

Influence Understood
EP95: Sales Management That Drives Sales Team Success

Episode 95

Sales Management That Drives Sales Team Success

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  3 Areas Staffing Salespeople NEED To Master

1-  Active Management vs Micro Management vs Absentee Landlord

  • What is the hallmark of the Micro Manager?
  • What is an Absentee Landlord?
  • How is Active Management different?
  • Implementing an Active Management Program

2-  Expertise & Experience At Your Team’s disposal

  • How can your network benefit your team?
  • How can you “show the new salesperson tomorrow” while keeping them on task?
  • Success stories are KEY to keeping your team motivated (and hungry!)
  • Use Forensics to teach your team using real-world examples

3-  Pro-Active Team Building

  • The team that learns together…
  • Train them so they can leave at any time AND treat them so they never want to (thanks Richard Branson!)
  • Who is responsible for the sales vision of the company? (Hint: Find a mirror!)
  • If you aren’t building a pro-active pipeline of internal candidates you aren’t doing your job

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  1. Tim Adams says:

    Great Informative Podcast Gerry!! The music at the was off the charts!!

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