EP93: Failing Your Way To Staffing Sales Success

Influence Understood
EP93: Failing Your Way To Staffing Sales Success

Episode 93

Failing Your Way To Staffing Sales Success

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  Is Your Staffing Firm Set Up To Succeed In 2018?

Is failing always bad?

1-  Job Order Forensics

  • What did we do right?
  • What could we have done better?
  • Is there anything we should do differently next time?
  • What did we learn?

2-  Missed Opportunity Trends

  • What do these job orders/projects have in common?
  • Industries?
  • Skill sets?
  • Technologies?

3-  Daily reflection

  • What 3 things did I do well today?
  • What 1 thing should I have done differently?
  • What is my plan for tomorrow?

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