EP92: Is Your Staffing Firm Set Up To Succeed In 2018?

Episode 92

Is Your Staffing Firm Set Up To Succeed In 2018?

Show Notes:

Recap of last week: 4 Staffing Sales Strategies To Crush 2018!

1-  Team

  • Is your comp plan driving the right behavior?
  • 3-5-4 (The SECRET Comp Formula!)
  • Do you have a job scorecard or a job description?
  • Does your team know what a “win” looks like?
  • Do you have an internal candidate pipeline?

2-  Target

  • Are you pointed the right way?
  • Is your sales team aligned with your recruiting team?

3-  Culture

  • It happens anyway, so why engineer it?
  • It attracts AND repels!
  • It determines how your team acts in your absence… (Let that sink in for a minute!)

CANNOT MISS WORKSHOP:  2018 KickStart Workshop!


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