EP89: 2018 Sales KickStart, Are You Ready?

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EP89: 2018 Sales KickStart, Are You Ready?

Episode 89

2018 Sales KickStart, Are You Ready?

Show Notes:

Recap of last week: The 3 Biggest Hurdles In New Business Development

2018 Start Off Strong!

1-  Look back to prepare for the new year

  • Where did you do well?
  • Where did you struggle?
  • What commonalities are there?
  • Does this impact your story, your position?

2-  Referrals, Leads, and Market Information

  • Prioritize your contacts
  • Start revving your Referral Engines!
  • Work with the recruiters to get their leads and market information sources to work

3-  Make an EXECUTABLE plan

  • Don’t leave it to chance, PLAN your campaign!
  • Review your Market, Lead Nurturing, and Relationship Management campaigns
  • Get Started!

BONUS:  Managers- Now is the time for Sales Activity Contests!


CANNOT MISS WORKSHOP:  2018 KickStart Workshop!


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