EP88: The 3 Biggest Hurdles In New Business Development

Episode 88

The 3 Biggest Hurdles In New Business Development

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  Selling Staffing Through The Holiday Season

Your biggest hurdle is NOT your competitor!

The “Big 3” and how to overcome them!

1-  Commoditization

  • Be different.  Be different for REAL
  • Do the things your competition isn’t
  • ACT like a partner to be TREATED like a partner

2-  Status Quo

  • When in doubt prospects “Freeze”
  • Keep the contact level higher than YOU’RE comfortable with
  • Add Value.  Add REAL value

3-  Credibility

  • You can’t just differentiate.  You have to differentiate BELIEVABLY
  • Is what you are saying believable?
  • Stay focused on them!
  • Can you demonstrate your worthiness?

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