EP79 Mastering Influence ~ RE-visited!

Influence Understood
EP79 Mastering Influence ~ RE-visited!

Episode 79

Mastering Influence ~ RE-visited!

Recap of last week: https://www.influenceunderstood.com/podcast/ep78-staffing-sales-advice-wish-id-started/

Mastering Influence starts here:

  • To MASTER Influence you have to UNDERSTAND Influence
  • Understanding leads to commonality.  Commonality leads to a receptive prospect
  • How adding value leads to trust
  • The MAGIC tempo!
  • Big influence mistakes (And how to AVOID them!)
  • Sell authentically, interact like a PERSON not a sales-drone
  • Credibility * Value * Belief = Influence

Weekly Challenge:  Put together your long-game influence kit!

  • IMPORTANT:  Successful Entrepreneurs and Salespeople Consistently seek to ADD value they don’t EXTRACT value

Selling authentically post:  https://www.influenceunderstood.com/authentic-promotion-key-success/


As always, thank you for listening, please check out the blog at: www.influenceunderstood.com/blog

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