EP75: Salespeople, do you REALLY know your market?

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EP75: Salespeople, do you REALLY know your market?

Episode 75

Salespeople, do you REALLY know your market?

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  How To THRIVE In Your New Sales Job!

So you took a job in sales…

Why is this important?

The steps or levels of market knowledge:

1- General

  1. How big?
  2. Key players
  3. Socio-Economic trends/regulatory changes
  4. Disruptors

2- Buyer Persona

  1. Who is my buyer?
  2. What are their job titles?
  3. What goals drive them?
  4. How do they think?
  5. Where do they get their information?
  6. How do they make buying decisions?
  7. What factors drive their buying decisions?

3- Personal

  1. What was their career path?
  2. What are they trying to achieve?
  3. What do they like?
  4. What do they D-I-S-like?
  5. What is their decision-making process?
  6. What are their non job specific hiring preferences?

Apply, apply, apply!!!

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