EP54: The Staffing Sales Success Roadmap

Influence Understood
EP54: The Staffing Sales Success Roadmap

Episode 54

The Staffing Sales Success Roadmap

Show Notes:

Recap of last week: The 3 Stages Of Sales Team Growth

1:  Identify Your Ideal Prospect

2:  Create Your Market Position

3:  Build Your Story

4:  Find Your Audience

5:  Execute Lead Nurturing Campaign

6:  Open New account(s)

7:  Build Referral Engines

8:  Establish Your Presence As A Thought Leader

Weekly Challenge:

Evaluate your sales efforts and processes against the Roadmap and focus on the last step that you are confident you are 100% in alignment with.  Everything after that step needs to be re-worked.  Do it!  🙂

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