EP49: How To Deliver A KILLER Sales Story!

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EP49: How To Deliver A KILLER Sales Story!

Episode 49

How To Deliver A KILLER Sales Story

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  The Power Of Stories In Sales

When Do I Tell My Story?

  1. When you have EARNED the right!
  2. When you understand the prospect’s position, concern, or situation well enough to match a story
  3. When you believe the exchange of time is worth it (for the prospect/client!)

How Do I Tell My Story?

  1. Brevity~ No one has time for a retelling of War And Peace!
  2. Save some good parts (you will OFTEN need them later!)
  3. Timing~ Too fast or too slow makes for a bad story

Weekly Challenge:

Practice, practice, practice.  There is no way around this, the more you practice your delivery the more effective you will be at using stories in your sales career.

Some tips:

  1. Role play with team-mates (or friends and significant others!)
  2. Record your story and listen to the timing/delivery
  3. Tell your story in front of a mirror so you can see your delivery

Good Selling!

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