EP 46: Two Ways Sales Rookies Can CRUSH Sales Veterans!

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EP 46: Two Ways Sales Rookies Can CRUSH Sales Veterans!

Episode 46

Two Ways Sales Rookies Can CRUSH Sales Veterans!

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  Sales Success:  Avoiding The Success Trap ~ What Successful Sales Veterans Know!

1:  Over Thinking

New salespeople don’t “over think” their leads, candidates, resumes, and prospects.  They simply pick up the phone and talk.  That willingness to reach out gives them more access to people than the veterans, who tend to pre-judge much more heavily.

2: Sales Activity/Tenacity

New salespeople are more likely to follow their manager’s direction without question, which will almost always mean more outreach than veterans.  Also, because they don’t yet know what “NO!” sounds like they are more likely to call on people that sales veterans “KNOW” aren’t good prospects (and reap the extra sales that those outreaches yield!)

Podcast:  The Unique Selling Voice

Weekly Challenge:

Newbies:  Keep on keeping on and don’t get jaded like us old fogies!

Veterans:  Watch the new people.  While you have technique and experience to share they have fresh eyes and energy to give!

Good Selling!

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