EP42: 4 Steps To Take Before You Hire

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EP42: 4 Steps To Take Before You Hire

Episode 42

4 Steps To Take Before You Hire

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  Sales Success:  5 Tips To Crush Your 2017 Sales Goals

4 Steps:

  1. Define Your Ideal Customer
  2. Create Your Sales Process
  3. Establish Your Metrics & Goals
  4. Decide On Your Compensation Plan

Weekly Challenge:

This week your challenge is to follow the four steps above and then create a Job Scorecard based on the four steps.  If you don’t know what a Job Scorecard is then read, “Who, The A Hiring Method,” by Geoff Smart.  Extremely impactful read.  I’d even say career changing! (Geoff Smart is not a sponsor and I make nothing if you buy the book ~~ BUY THE BOOK!)

Good Selling!

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