EP39 Signs Your Senior Salesperson Is In Trouble!

Influence Understood
EP39 Signs Your Senior Salesperson Is In Trouble!

Episode 39

Signs Your Senior Salesperson Is In Trouble

(And how to help them!)

Show Notes:

Recap of last week: 5 Ways Kids Are Better At Selling Than You!


  1. Sales Activities are dropping
  2. Client Visits are down
  3. “Finger Pointing” behavior is on the rise
  4. Language becomes unspecific/unquantifiable
  5. There focus isn’t on “how can we make this happen,” instead it’s all about, “why this won’t work”

Weekly Challenge:

Do your 1on1’s!!!  The best way to protect our team is to connect with them and provide guidance and support.  The more effective we are at coaching them the less we have to MANAGE them.

Good Selling!

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