Ep36 Crushing Your 2017 Sales Goals Starts NOW!

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Ep36 Crushing Your 2017 Sales Goals Starts NOW!

Episode 36

Crushing Your 2017 Sales Goals Starts NOW

Show Notes:

Recap of last week: Thriving B2B Holiday Sales Strategies!

Plan, Plan, Plan:  The KEY to crushing your 2017 Sales Goals!

Building your Sales Plan for 2017:

Look Back To Plan Forward

  1. Where did you business come from in 2016?
  2. Where did you struggle in 2016?
  3. What similarities are there?
  4. Have any personnel or business mix changes altered past realities?

Plan 2017 (Internal)

  1. Set your Sales Goal for 2017
  2. Review your team
  3. Review your staffing levels
  4. Review your metrics
  5. Compile data and compare against your sales goal numbers:  Can you get there with your team?
  6. Create coaching and training plans for the year, with a focus on Q1 and schedule time monthly to track the progress of your plan and how you are tracking against your overall goal.

Plan 2017 (External)

  1. Compile the data from the previous step into an “Ideal Customer”
  2. Build company/prospect lists from your findings
  3. Populate your company lists with all relevant manager names
  4. Build call plans to support your outreach efforts.
  5. Build/Implement a Lead Nurturing Campaign.

Weekly Challenge:

This is a simple one:  Take the concepts from this episode and apply them to your desk if you are an individual contributor or, if you are a manager/owner, assign this as an exercise to your team.

Good Selling!

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