Ep28: The 7 Strategies of a World-Class Manager, Coach, and Leader

Episode 28

The 7 Strategies of a World-Class Manager, Coach, and Leader

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  The Candidate Landscape Has Changed, Have Your Recruiters?

Why Managers Fail, and how to fix it~!

The 7 Strategies:

  • Support NOT Report
  • Understand drivers (Desired outcome, Motivators, and De-motivators) and communicate accordingly
  • Be clear in your expectations and your desired outcome
  • Listen and understand THEN look give direction
  • Seek commitment THEN look toward accountability
  • Focus on tomorrow not yesterday ~ Don’t waste energy on what you can’t impact
  • “Catch” people doing the right thing and then recognize them for it

Weekly Challenge:

I suppose that the obvious challenge would be to ask you to implement the seven strategies, but let’s focus on the strategy that will take the most time to get a handle on and will, simultaneously, give you the most bang for your buck:

  • Take the time to truly understand, at a deep level, what each individual direct SUPPORT on your team is driven by.

Good Selling!

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  1. Ahmed O.

    I totally agree with this modern leadership “framework” and will definitely follow your recommendations Gerry!
    These strategic guidelines (and new habits to take) are so evident and wise and represent an effective way to better coach, manage and lead our people.
    Thank you!

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