EP26: Staffing 3.0 ~ 3 Elements Of A Top Performing Staffing Firm

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EP26: Staffing 3.0 ~ 3 Elements Of A Top Performing Staffing Firm

Episode 26

The 3 Elements Of A TOP Performing Staffing Firm

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  The Key To Effective Sales Conversations!

Common elements in successful staffing & professional services firms:

  • Attuned to the market
  • Healthy tension between sales & recruiting
  • Deep understanding of the labor pool
  • Focused on Win/Win/Win
  • The “3” are in alignment

What are the “3?”


  • Understands and targets their ideal customer
  • Maintains a “client first” approach to sales and marketing
  • Stays focused on quality activity (High sales activity is NOT a guarantee of success BUT low activity IS a guarantee of failure!)
  • Qualifies prospects early and consistently


  • Understand their ideal candidate
  • Keeps the wants and needs of their candidates in the forefront of all of their candidate outreach
  • Builds deep candidate pools/pipelines/networks with a focus on the longterm value of the candidate relationship
  • Understands the value of lead generation and market intelligence to the success of the firm


  • Metric driven
  • Focused on tomorrow NOT yesterday
  • Understands their role is to develop revenue THROUGH the development of their teams NOT by closing business themselves
  • Appreciates that a large part of their role is in setting the team up to succeed and then getting out of their way

Weekly Challenge:

This week’s challenge is a team exercise.  Managers, sit down with your recruiters and determine where they have had the most success filling roles over the last 18 months.  Once you have that data look for trends.  Utilize this information to help your sales teams target their prospects toward business your delivery team is the most likely to succeed in fulfilling.

Good Selling!

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  1. Great podcast . I lived the part where you talked about alignment. In sales and Delivery team. I would say also will look forward to podcast on outspurced recruitment team and inhouse sales team as most of staffing companies may like to hear your insights

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