Ep18: 7 Core Skills Necessary For Sales & Entrepreneurial Success

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Ep18: 7 Core Skills Necessary For Sales & Entrepreneurial Success

Episode 18

7 Core Skills Necessary For Sales & Entrepreneurial Success!

Show Notes:

Recap of last week: Sales Success:  Introductory Calls That Work

  1. Urgency:  Time kills ALL deals!
  2. Commitments:  We need to be able to get commitments for ACTION (we get paid based on what our CUSTOMERS do, NOT on what WE do!)
  3. Relationship Building:  Whether it’s building customer loyalty, inspiring your team, or creating partnerships, it all comes back to your ability to connect.
  4. Sales:  If you can’t do this…
  5. Time Management:  We have to manage our time based on a highly prioritized plan or we risk the TREADMILL EFFECT!
  6. Closing:  I’m channeling my inner Alec Baldwin on this one, but this is all a hobby if we can’t get paid!
  7. Teamwork:  If you can’t play in the sandbox you don’t get to make castles.

PROTIP: Focus on your strength and hire or outsource your weakness!

No one is going to be equally skilled in all seven of the core skills.  No one.  And that’s ok.  But, you have to have at least a basic level of skill in all of them!

Weekly Challenge:

For this week’s challenge:

  • Identify your strongest Core Skill and make that your focus.  Keep honing it until its stronger than anyone you know!
  • Identify your weakest Core Skill and work on it.  It is unlikely that you will ever be a MASTER of this area but you need to be competent so work on it until you are at least 5-out-of-10 with it.


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