Ep17: Introductory Calls that WORK!

Influence Understood
Ep17: Introductory Calls that WORK!

Episode 17

Introductory Calls That Work!

Show Notes:

Recap of last week: Sales Success:  Better Questions = More Sales!

  • Differentiate, differentiate, differentiate…
  • It’s ALL about the story!
  • Warning/reminder… it ain’t about you!   😉
  • Some types of cold calls
    • Value Call
    • Skill-set Marketing
    • Reference Call
    • Referral Call
  • Not all introductory calls are over the phone…
  • It is AS MUCH how you say what you say as it is WHAT you say!

PROTIP: At it’s most basic sales is the transference of emotion!

Weekly Challenge:

Take inventory of the dialogue you are using in your introductory outreaches.  Are you utilizing a self-serving “pitch” like we warn about about?  Are you talking TOO much about yourself?

If you are, you know what to do!   🙂


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