EP121: 3 Ways Working On “Purple Squirrels” Is Hurting Your Firm

Influence Understood
EP121: 3 Ways Working On "Purple Squirrels" Is Hurting Your Firm

Episode 121

3 Ways Working On “Purple Squirrels” Is Hurting Your Firm

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  4 Tools To Augment Cold Calling In Staffing Sales

Disclaimer:  We Should Always Look For Reasons To Work A Job Order/Req!

What Is A “Purple Squirrel?”

Why Do We Work Bad Job Orders?

3 Reasons To Stop Hunting Purple Squirrels:

  1. Unlikely To Fill / They Create A Disconnect Between Sales & Recruiting
  2. Doesn’t Feed The Candidate Pipeline
  3. The Opportunity Cost Is Too High

Is There Ever A Time When It IS A Good Idea?

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