EP119: How To Build A Growth Culture In Your Staffing/Consulting Firm

Episode 119

How To Build A Growth Culture In Your Staffing/Consulting Firm

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  4 Things Keeping Your Staffing Firm (And Sales Career!) From Growing

When I Am Talking About A “Growth” Culture What Do I Mean And Why Is It Important?

The Elements Of A Growth Culture:

  1. Everyone Is A Driver, NOT Just Sales
  2. Your Are Hiring For Culture Match & Characteristics NOT Skills (Trainable)
  3. Your Comp Plan Rewards Higher GP & Emphasizes New Account Growth
  4. You Recognize AND Reward Success
  5. You Invest In Professional Development And Expect Your Team To Engage Both ON and OFF The Clock!
  6. You Value And Expect Open, Direct, Honest Communication
  7. You Embrace Accountability Not Blame
  8. You Manage Actively Not Micro Manage OR Absentee Landlord Management

How Does Your Firm Measure Up To This List?

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