EP113: 5 Steps To Dramatically Reduce Salesperson Turnover

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EP113: 5 Steps To Dramatically Reduce Salesperson Turnover

Episode 113

5 Steps To Dramatically Reduce Salesperson Turnover

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  How Technology Is Changing The Staffing Industry

Why is turnover so high in the Staffing Industry?

5 Steps To Reduce Turnover

  1. Hire Right
    1. Identify the characteristics you need and train the skills
    2. Ensure your metrics make sense (and SHARE them with your candidates!)
    3. Make sure your comp is inline with your competition AND that it rewards the right behaviors
    4. Don’t Settle
    5. BONUS:  Build an internal candidate pipeline
  2. Onboard Effectively
    1. Training less is more!
    2. Plan for the new-hire, don’t “dump” them on unprepared team mates
    3. Make the first 90-days count!
    4. Track the RIGHT metrics
    5. Give 100% support until…
  3. Manage Actively
    1. Grow your team, develop your team, or you won’t HAVE a team
  4. Be Competitive
    1. EVERYONE is hiring salespeople and recruiters, why should your team stay with you?
    2. Money isn’t everything, buuuuuttt……
  5. Build A Culture People Won’t Leave
    1. Culture is what your team does when you AREN’T there
    2. If you were a salesperson (or recruiter) would YOU stay?
    3. Keep training and developing

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