EP103: 7 Reasons You Won’t Make It In Technology Staffing Sales

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EP103: 7 Reasons You Won't Make It In Technology Staffing Sales

Episode 103

7 Reasons You Won’t Make It In Technology Staffing Sales

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  The Elements Of A Successful Business Relationship

1. You take things personally, or are easily discouraged

2. You aren’t willing to pay the price for success

3. You aren’t willing to commit to your career

4.  You’d rather “wing it” than prepare

5.  You don’t have a destination in mind

6.  You don’t have, or you’ve lost, your hustle (Or your “reason why”)

7.  You’ve developed a transactional approach/attitude

BONUS:  None of these things are foregone conclusions.  If you recognize any of these traits/attitudes in yourself don’t accept it!  Make the choice and change.  You’re commission check will thank you!

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