Ep 9: The NEW Cold Call (And Why It Works)

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Ep 9: The NEW Cold Call (And Why It Works)

Episode 9

The New Cold Call (And Why It Works)

Recap of last week: The #1 Way To Beat Objections

  • Cold Calling in the “Old Days”
  • Why “Pitch-Driven” Cold Calling fails today
  • The NEW Cold Call
  • Message & Delivery (Here’s the LINK to the Blog post)
  • Components of the call
  • Consistent messaging leads to recognition FASTER

Obscurity is the ENEMY of IDEAS!

Weekly Challenge:  Based on your research (Business Component #2!) design a customer focused Value Proposition and a Unique Selling Proposition (Don’t forget the WARNING!) and incorporate both into your messaging strategy.

As always, thank you for listening and don’t forget to stop by the Blog , join the community, and download your FREE book: The Successful Business Blueprint!

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