EP 48: The Power Of Stories In Sales

Influence Understood
EP 48: The Power Of Stories In Sales

Episode 48

The Power Of Stories In Sales

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  5 Sales Traps To Avoid In 2017!

Why Is Storytelling Important In Sales?

What Are The Components Of An Effective Business Story?

  1. Identifier (Who is this about?)
  2. Problem (Why are we doing this?)
  3. Solution (How did we solve the problem?)
  4. Result (What did we achieve? OR, What can we do now that we couldn’t do before?)

When Is Storytelling Effective?

  1. After some interest has been achieved or some value has been given
  2. Objection handling
  3. Any time a prospect/customer relates an example that you can tie to an experience of yours
  4. When you want to show that you understand a concept (PROTIP:  The experience the story is based on doesn’t need to be YOURS!)

Weekly Challenge:

This week’s challenge is to identify three stories that will resonate the strongest with the core of your audience and flesh out the four components to make sure the story is fully realized then role-play with your team to ensure you can deliver the stories effectively.  Once you, and your team, are fluent in this then commit to adding one story a month, using the same process, until you have stories for your whole audience.

Good Selling!

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