Ep 31: The 2 Words That Describe Great Salespeople

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Ep 31: The 2 Words That Describe Great Salespeople

Episode 31

The 2 Words That Describe Great Salespeople

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  The 3 Growth Phases Of A Sales Person

The 2 Words…

Pleasantly persistent!

Being pleasantly persistent is a strategy AND a technique:

Technique (The “Pleasantly!”):

  • Be someone your prospect would WANT to talk to!
  • High energy
  • Naturally curious
  • Don’t speak down to them or make THEM the problem to be solved

Strategy (The “Persistent!”):

  • Be consistent in your outreach
  • Plan your calls/outreaches – Don’t “Wing-it!”
  • Reach out over as many platforms as possible
  • Always add value (This is the CORNERSTONE of effective, modern sales!)
  • Create a system so that you work through your prospect qualification process the same way

Weekly Challenge:


Evaluate the ways that you reach out to your prospects (phone, email, LinkedIN, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and create a lead nurturing campaign based on those platforms and where you’ve had success in the past.  Here is a sample campaign based on my own experience (Please Note:  This is an EXAMPLE, use the platforms that make sense for you!):

  • Day 1- Phone/Voice Mail
  • Day 4- Introductory Email
  • Day 7-  Phone/Voice Mail
  • Day 10- Value Add Email
  • Day 13- Phone/Voice Mail
  • Day 16- LinkedIN Invite
  • Day 19- Phone/Voice Mail
  • Day 22- Hand-Written Note
  • Day 25- Phone/Voice Mail
  • Day 28- Value Add Email
  • Day 31- Phone/Voice Mail

Good Selling!

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