Ep 30- 3 Growth Phases Of A Sales Person

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Ep 30- 3 Growth Phases Of A Sales Person

Episode 30

The 3 Growth Phases Of A Sales Person

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  Referrals, and how to get MORE of them!

Why is this important?

How do we gain competitive advantage?

3 phases:

  • Sales Person Driven
  • Referral Driven
  • Market/Recognition Driven

Weekly Challenge:


Assess where you or your organization is in the “3 phases” model.  If you are like more than 80% of the industry, you are in the 1st phase.  Analyze your path and see if your path leads you to grow into phase 2 and ensure that it’s outcome is phase 3 (welcome to the top 5%!).

If it doesn’t, and if you haven’t planned for this growth then it is very likely that it does not, then go through the exercise of mentally skipping to the end and asking yourself WHAT you want to be recognized as an expert/thought leader in and course correct to ensure you are tracking toward that.

Good Selling!

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