Ep 27: The Candidate Landscape Has Changed, Have Your Recruiters?

Episode 27

The Candidate Landscape Has Changed, Have Your Recruiters?

Show Notes:

Recap of last week:  The 3 Elements Of A TOP Performing Staffing Firm

We are in a candidate driven market, what does that mean to recruiters?

Characteristics of a successful recruiter in this market:

  • Relationship trumps transaction
  • Candidate focused
  • Active in groups, creating value through market knowledge
  • Pipeline, pipeline, pipeline…
  • See themselves as part of the sales team

Weekly Challenge:

Analyze your introductory conversations with candidates.  Where is your focus?  Are you talking about your needs, your clients needs, your company policies, or are you focusing on the candidate?  If you aren’t, I PROMISE you that it’s costing you top-tier talent!

Good Selling!

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