Ep 19: No Connection = Ugly Surprises At The End OF The Sales Cycle

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Ep 19: No Connection = Ugly Surprises At The End OF The Sales Cycle

Episode 19

No Connection = Ugly Surprises At The End Of The Sales Cycle!

Show Notes:

Recap of last week: Sales Success:  7 Core Skills Necessary For Sales & Entrepreneurial Success!

  1. Have you ever had a deal fall apart at the end of the cycle unexpectedly?
  2. How about a candidate that refused an offer that you were CERTAIN they were excited about?
  3. Have you ever shared an announcement with a team member who reacted in a WILDLY different manner than you expected?

More often than not, the answer comes from the same place:  You didn’t understand your prospect/candidate/employee’s position BEFORE your big reveal and, because of this, you couldn’t influence their response or tailor your presentation.

How we avoid this:

  • Take the time UP FRONT to ask them questions about THEIR outcome
  • Ask them questions consistently so you are aware of changes in THEIR situation
  • Put yourself in THEIR shoes and imagine what you would want in their position
  • Speak in terms of THEIR outcome not yours  (What’s In It For THEM!)
  • Last, but not least…  Test Balloon!


PROTIP: The More They BELIEVE That You Care About Their Experience And Outcome The More Influence You Will Have!

Weekly Challenge:

Review your methodology (Sales/Recruiting/Management) and ensure that you are not Talking AT your target.  Incorporate the strategies above to increase the likelihood that you have a positive outcome!


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