Ep 14: Bringing It ALL Together For MASSIVE Sales Success

Influence Understood
Ep 14: Bringing It ALL Together For MASSIVE Sales Success

Episode 14

Bringing It ALL Together For MASSIVE Sales Success

Recap of last week: Sales Success:  Sales Success:  The Influence Equation (Must Listen Episode!)

  • There WAS a method to my madness, see!
  • I’ve shared three models ,  two of what I’ve repeated often (3 components of a business, 2 components of a sales conversation, and now the influence equation)
  • The three models flow in to each other and set up the next step
  • 3 Components Of A Successful Business (Podcast: Here!)
  • 2 Components Of A Successful Sales Conversation (Blog: Here!)
  • The Influence Equation (Podcast: Here!)
  • Putting it ALL Together!

Weekly Challenge!

  1.  If you are new to the show OR you haven’t been doing the challenges:  Go back to the 3 components and take the time to really understand your audience/ideal customer.  (Joining the Influence Understood Community and grabbing our FREE book from the site will provide you with the questions to ask!).  Once you’ve done that apply what you’ve learned to the Influence Equation and you will be ready to have sales conversations.  Keep being AWESOME!
  2. If you’ve been following along from the beginning, and doing the challenges:  You have it easy ~ Just Keep Being AWESOME!  Oh ya, and when you buy your first yacht invite me aboard…  😉

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