Ep 13: Sales Success ~ The Influence Equation

Influence Understood
Ep 13: Sales Success ~ The Influence Equation

Episode 13

Sales Success:  The Influence Equation!

C * V * B = I

Recap of last week: Sales Success:  Get Out Of Your OWN Way!  (Don’t worry this week’s show is MUCH less Rant-ey!)

  • How can Influence be boiled down to a simple equation?
  • What is the Influence Equation?
    • Credibility * Value * Belief = Influence
  • Why multiplication instead of addition?  (Hint:  What happens when you multiply by ZERO?)
  • Why is the order important?
  • Credibility ~ If I don’t trust you, I don’t care what you have to say!
  • Value ~ You have something, and I want it!
  • Belief ~ Can YOU get me what I want?
    • Protip:  Think, and project your message, in terms of OUTCOMES.
  • Influence, persuasion, sales, call it what you will but if you can’t do it you can’t succeed

Weekly Challenge!

Examine your marketing material.  Reflect on the brand/persona that you share with your audience/prospects/clients.  Review your sales strategies and initial prospect contact methodology.  Once you’ve done this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do these ALL lead with the VALUE I offer the marketplace?
  • Does my marketing material/sales approach build Credibility?
  • Do I help my prospects, audience, and clients see their desired outcome?  Do I help them BELIEVE they can achieve their desired outcome?

If you can’t answer, “Yes!” to all three questions then make the necessary changes to ensure that you are MAXIMIZING your opportunity to influence your audience!

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