Ep 12: Sales Success ~ Get Out Of Your OWN Way!

Influence Understood
Ep 12: Sales Success ~ Get Out Of Your OWN Way!

Episode 12

Sales Success:  Get Out Of Your OWN Way!

Recap of last week: Tech Staffing 3.0 ~ The Industry Has Changed Have You?

Rant Warning!  Rant Warning!  Rant Warning!  Rant Warning!

This Episode is VERY Rant-ey!

  • How sales people sabotage their OWN success!
  • Cut out the “Big 3!”
    • Aren’t Prepared
    • Aren’t targeted to their audience
    • Bury them in THEIR INTERNAL Jargon
  • Bonus:  Stop CHASING prospects & clients, start SCHEDULING them!

Weekly Challenge:  Follow my “7 Question Strategy” and change your business (For the better – duh!):


  1. What is my objective // What is my desired outcome?
  2. What questions and research have I done to support my outcome?
  3. What resistance/objections do I anticipate in the pursuit of my desired outcome?
  4. What are my “Next Steps,” if I get my outcome?


  1. What did I do well in this event?
  2. What could I have done better?
  3. What (if anything) should I do different next time?

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