It’s not personal it’s business ~ And other lies!

The lie:  That people in business situations act out of logic exclusively and not emotion.

How do I know that’s a lie?  Great question!

I know that is a lie because I have spent most of my adult life in sales and management positions.  I have sold in the B2B space and I have watched and listened to clients of mine make decisions that were clearly based on emotion.  I have watched team members make decisions clearly based on emotion.

Need some proof?

Try this:  Hire your best friend to work for you and then fire him or her on their birthday.  Then, later that week, give them a call and ask them what they thought of last night’s sports-ball game.  See what their response is like…

More proof?

Try this:  Call a prospect and list the exact specifications, features, benefits, and options for your product.  See how many times that ends in a sale.

Admittedly, those are both somewhat silly examples but the truth is that people operate in one of two positions.

They THINK or they FEEL.

And, when it comes to making decisions, business or otherwise, they feel.  The bigger the impact of that decision the more “feeling” occurs.

The reason it is important to remember this, whether you are an Entrepreneur growing a team, a Salesperson trying to close business, or a recruiter trying to woo candidates, is because ALL of those things take influence.

And Influence is only possible when people are feeling.

How many times did you see Spock on Star Trek get INFLUENCED?

  • That is why we speak to prospects about their WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).  Because we want them to FEEL a reward.
  • That’s why we use testimonials (Social Proof).  Because we want prospects to FEEL secure in their decision.
  • That’s why we don’t change our team’s comp plan, product line, and software tools every other day.  Because we want them to FEEL confident that we have a vision and a plan.

Do you get the idea?

Understanding our audience, whether that audience is an internal team, a candidate, a prospect, a client, or our significant other allows us, empowers us, to craft our presentation to increase their receptivity.

For longterm readers you’ll recognize this strategy (Here on the: Blog! and Podcast!).

So why am I talking about this today?

I recently experienced a situation whereby a longtime client of mine severely damaged a business relationship by failing to take into account that the person he was dealing with was a HUMAN.  He, I am certain, thought that his message and the logic behind that message was sound but because he didn’t take into account that the person he was talking to might have feelings about the topic it cost him.  Big.

Okay, maybe not as big as it's going to cost this guy...

      Okay, maybe not as big as it’s going to cost this guy…

It’s an easy mistake to make.  Many of us are or were taught that business is all about logic.  That people make decisions based on budget, planning, and “what’s best for the business.”  Don’t believe it.  It is a lie.

People make decisions based on the choices and experiences that led them to that place.  They make them based on what they believe (FEEL) the impact their choice/decision will have on them.

They make decisions based either on their hope of gain or their fear of loss

But, and I say this again, they don’t make them just because they are logical.

I encourage you, strongly, to think about this:  How many times have you made a decision based on emotion, that you later justified with logic?

I’m pretty much 100% sure that there would be far fewer cherry red sports cars on the road if I was wrong!

I’m going to skip the WEEKLY CHALLENGE this week, but I am going to ask you this:

How can you use what you learned today to improve your business?

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