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Thank you for giving this a look! I’m proud to offer, in conjunction with TechServe Alliance, this free Technology Staffing Sales Training Webinar: Targeting Your Presentation To Your Audience Don’t forget, the 2018 KickStart Workshop starts in a few short weeks so if you haven’t already check it out and reserve your space:  2018 Kick-Start […]
Managers and owners, I’ve got a question for you: Is your management style contributing to your growth and quota attainment, or is it holding your company back? Go ahead and think about it, I’ll wait… Ok.  That’s about enough of that.  Do you think you are moving the team forward or holding them back? Let’s […]
Welcome back! Let’s pick up right where we left off. For those of you who missed the beginning of our conversation about the Technical Staffing Industry’s shift to what I’m calling Tech Staffing 3.0 catch up here: Part 1 We also spoke at length about Tech Staffing 3.0 on this week’s Podcast:  HERE For the rest […]
Coming as a surprise to no one who has been involved in Technical Staffing for the past few years, the industry is changing. AGAIN… As I reflect on conversations I’ve had with dozens of clients over the last several months, some experiencing victories and some losses, I find that the recurring theme among the two […]