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That HAS to be some kind of a record for, “title to an article you wouldn’t think a sales trainer would write,” but here we go… Sales training OFTEN fails to generate ROI. Often. Shockingly often. Why is that? The shortest answer is, “Training is change management in disguise but we treat it as a […]
Mike Tyson is many things, but did you ever consider him a sales trainer or a business coach? Probably not! But consider this quote, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Mike, I call him Mike, because we’re close like that, was being interviewed about his opponent’s strategy coming into a fight […]
Selling is hard.  Is that news to anyone? As sales people we make it harder than it needs to be.  That probably IS news to some! I’m a performance coach and sales effectiveness trainer.  Helping Entrepreneurs and Salespeople to grow more profitable businesses and more effectively influence is what I do.  The path that led […]
Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Rapport as, “having a friendly relationship.” As an influencer this is a good place to start! Is it a necessary place?  No But, it is a much easier place to begin with a prospect. Why? Because people prefer to do business with people they like and to maximize our likelihood of achieving a […]
A lot has been said about the importance of maintaining the proper sales mindset.  It is virtually impossible to succeed in sales or as an entrepreneur if you don’t, “keep your head right.” And I don’t disagree at all, having spent my entire post Marine Corps life in sales and management roles I know first-hand […]
Why is it sometimes SO difficult to stay motivated? As SalesPeople and Entrepreneurs we are only as effective as we are energized and yet the reasons to let motivation slip seem to be legion: It’s too nice out, I want to go outside! It’s awful out, so dreary… I am WAY to energized to sit […]
Managers and owners, I’ve got a question for you: Is your management style contributing to your growth and quota attainment, or is it holding your company back? Go ahead and think about it, I’ll wait… Ok.  That’s about enough of that.  Do you think you are moving the team forward or holding them back? Let’s […]
I am, and have always been, an advocate for learning.  My career, Principle Consultant/Business Growth Coach at The Menemsha Group, is largely centered on that philosophy.  I read, on average, three books a month and I subscribe to several Podcasts on sales, entrepreneurship, and writing. I recommend that my clients, colleagues, and peers do the same. […]
Welcome back! Let’s pick up right where we left off. For those of you who missed the beginning of our conversation about the Technical Staffing Industry’s shift to what I’m calling Tech Staffing 3.0 catch up here: Part 1 We also spoke at length about Tech Staffing 3.0 on this week’s Podcast:  HERE For the rest […]
Coming as a surprise to no one who has been involved in Technical Staffing for the past few years, the industry is changing. AGAIN… As I reflect on conversations I’ve had with dozens of clients over the last several months, some experiencing victories and some losses, I find that the recurring theme among the two […]