Authentic Promotion ~ The KEY To Success!

There are few things more difficult for most Entrepreneurs than self promotion.

There are few things more difficult for most Salespeople than AUTHENTIC self promotion.


That is a great question and one that I suspect requires a few more letters affixed to my title than I presently can (Honestly!) claim.  But, if I were to guess (!), I would say that it has to do with our general unwillingness to “brag.”

That is really the issue here.   Why else would people who have a truly beneficial idea/product/service hesitate to share it with the world?

The reason that self-promotion is difficult for most people is a combination of Impostor Syndrome and upbringing.  Most of us (I know I was!) were taught that if we speak about our strengths too vociferously that we are “bragging” and no one likes a “braggart.”  On a side-note, this is true!  No one likes a braggart.  However, I would challenge my fellow Entrepreneurs and  Salespeople, that you, are NOT braggarts if you are SHARING your ideas with the world!

Quite to the contrary, if your ideas add value to your fellow citizens, then you are doing them a disservice by NOT promoting those ideas.  If your ideas do NOT add value to your fellow citizens then I would direct you Here!

In over twenty years of sales and business I have found that the KEY to being able to effectively promote your ideas, your business, your product/service,  or yourself all comes down to the same thing…


speakerIf you TRULY believe in your product or service promoting it is not difficult.  You know, intuitively, that you are adding value and that feels good.  That is a metric we were raised to respect.  If you do not feel that sense of pride in your company, your product, or your service when you think about the value you add then you either need to spend some time figuring out why or you need to leave your business behind.  It is TRULY that simple.

If your idea/product/service doesn’t improve the situations of those who engage it then you have NO business engaging them.  If it does, then you are not only hurting YOURSELF by not promoting your idea/product/service, but you are hurting whomever it was created to serve.


In that context how can you NOT self-promote?

It really is just that simple.

If you believe in your idea then you MUST promote.  If you don’t then you MUST STOP!

Now that we have established how important it is to promote ourselves and our business, how do we?

The key here is to speak about what our customer will get from engaging with us.  While we are self-promoting we are not talking about ourselves.  I know,  I know, that is about as clear as mud, bear with me.

We need to be able to clearly and concisely articulate our uniques selling position.  We need to be able to speak to what about ourselves, our enterprise, our product, or our service is different.  WHY we are better.  But, and this is the key, we need to do so through the lens of what’s in in for our prospect.

Does that make sense?

You see, and this may be hard to hear, your prospect does not care about you at all yet.  You have not yet created commonality, let alone a connection that would cause them to care about you so speaking about yourself now is a mistake.  Why waste the energy (and the opportunity!) by speaking about something they don’t yet care about?

This is the process to follow when constructing a unique selling proposition that they will ACTUALLY care about:

  1. Identify (using the research you did in your Audience Research) what your prospect gets from engaging with you.
  2. Catalogue your strengths, your company’s strengths, and what is truly unique about you.
  3. Combine those two elements into a brief story with a focus on the result, using the language your prospect would use.
  4. Test the language and impact with a trusted member of your community (more about the “4th component” in my FREE book The Successful Business Blueprint!) and adjust your presentation’s language as necessary.

That’s it!  You now have a compelling way to promote yourself, your product/service, and your company in the language of your prospect or audience focused on the result they will get from working with you.  That is EXACTLY what your prospects want to hear!

Weekly Challenge:

This week’s challenge is very simply to follow the four simple steps above and create your story.  Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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