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Please let me share my philosophy with you…

  • I believe that Entrepreneurs, SalesPeople, and Recruiters want to succeed.
  • I believe that most of them have the ability to succeed.

So why do so few?

I have the answer!

If you…

  • Have a business that you can’t get to the next level
  • Have a service that you can’t sell
  • Struggle to get your position understood and differentiated
  • Can’t seem to reach (Connect with!) your customer/audience
  • Can’t connect with your candidates or your prospects

Influence Understood is dedicated to taking YOU do from STUCK to ELITE!

My name is Gerry Gadoury.  I founded Influence Understood to help passionate business people like YOU to achieve your goals.  I have spent more than twenty years in sales, recruiting, management, training, and consulting.  I work with business owners, sales people, recruiters, managers, and entrepreneurs to help them attain the lives they work SO hard to achieve.

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